This is a Page, where you can present your Sims stories.

You can also make your own movie or try to copy a famous scene from a film.

If you want to show your life to other player you have just to email me: www.simslikethat@yahoo.com

or contact me with the formular!


The best of them you will soon see in the Gallery.

I wish you a lot of fun!





The First downloads

Because of the hugh hype in the last time about the part 3 of the twilight-saga, I have created Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as sims.

It took me a long time. So I hope that they are looking like the real celebrities.

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The birth of an idea.

So, since i have bought sims 3 there gone by 2 weeks and i decided to make my own website to offer the houses and famous person i create in the game.

First i just wanted to show my objekts, but by and by i notice that it´s not enought. I search in web for sims movies and found actually some very good extracts from famous films like Titanic. So i added they into my page and now i´m very glad about this. Because it has made such of fun!

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